Friday, April 07, 2006

Breaking up is hard to do... But not this time

No no, I didn't break up with Tiffany! That's still going on fine and dandy. In fact, did I mention we're moving on july first? Yeah, I did...

Anyway, the breaking up was between me and my boss at B2B2C. I was, in all honesty, fired from work last tuesday. Now, this might sound like a bad thing, and up to a certain point it was. It means that I still hadn't completely elliminate my bad habit of doing personal work and website developement from work, and that my bosses really didn't appreciate it.

But wait a second here, why did I do all this personal stuff? I thought about this long and hard, and realized that it could be that the work I was doing wasn't stimulating or challenging enough for me. I was trying to compensate for that by giving myself challenges, websites to build, applications to create, all stuff that, while not pleasing my boss, were exciting for me.

So, I set out to think about that, and did, for about half a moment. I then proceeded to start looking for a new job, this time not at ISP's (not that there's many I didn't work for in Montreal), but rather in bigger, and more advanced companies. I had already applied a few times at CGI, got a phone interview and never got any news after that, but on tuesday the first thing I did was apply at a job I saw in the "Hour", which is "Helpdesk Support Technician", at IBM.

Well my name isn't Lachance for nothing, as I got a call back yesterday, and interview on the same day, and on Monday I'll have an answer as to when I'm going to start working there (hey, I'm an optimist!). Obviously, IBM isn't a small unorganized company like B2B2C was. It's a large, exciting opportunity for me to start building a real career and a future. Though I understand I won't be a Lvl2 technician as soon as I set foot in the door, I think I can build my patience to wait for the right moment, look at the openings and apply at the right time.

At a salary of more than 30,000$ a year, I think I can be that patient... Now for the first time in over a year, I can't wait to get to Monday!

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