Monday, April 24, 2006

Should I jinx it?

I don't know if I should really be talking about this... You all know that I love Google. It's not only my primary search engine, but also hosts my blog, my email and probably my website in the future. I do 3D with Google, I use the maps for driving directions...

So what's this about then? Well, I saw a post on the Official Google blog about the Page Creator written by the project manager Justin Rosenstein, and I thought that it would be pretty cool just to email the guy with the ideas I had to make Page Creator a bit better. It was basically things that I had thought about for NetBench when it was actually a project I was aiming to do at one point.

The whole thing turned into an email exchange that, if I'm really lucky, will become a huge turning point in my life. How so? Because I might actually get a job at Google. I mean, getting support from someone on the Inside could just be what I need. You can read the email exchange on my blog.

It's just amazing what can happen when you simply step up to comment. I could have not only a job but an opportunity to get behind the walls of the most amazing company in the US, get contacts and make tons of friends. I'm just mostly speechless.

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