Tuesday, March 21, 2006

How Google is going to screw Microsoft over a hundred times

Do you remember the time when everyone said Microsoft were copying Apple, their OS and their technologies? How Windows looked so much like MacOS it was a wonder Apple didn't sue them?

A few days ago, I asked myself why Google didn't do something about Microsoft copying their ideas and technologies, too. Then the answer poped up all by itself yesterday: Because Microsoft is going to collapse on itself as soon as a viable alternative that's easy to use for the average bloke gets released as Beta by Google. Google OS Beta? I drop Windows. Google Browser? Forget IE (though firefox is great of course). Google Suite? Nevermind MS Office!

I'm seeing people do the switch already - hotmail users are going for the G, and switching their contacts on GTalk. I plan to stop using Word soon, when Writely goes out of Beta (or has everything I need to work with and as easily useable as Word, which it's not). Every single Google product that comes out that replaces a MS product is *MINE*.

Now, Microsoft is hard at work copying Google. Microsoft Live! is pretty much Google Personnalized Home, Live! Local is Google Maps, and their new Live Mail service looks a lot like they're trying to copy gmail. Their Live Search has a lot to learn about simplicity - it seems MS really likes to bloat everything. Putting a white background doesn't make it more useable, Bill!

In the future, when Google has infiltrated every other area they aren't in right now, including the OS, Office and Browser markets, they probably will be free. So instead of buying Windows Vista, MS Office Vista (or whatever version there is after 2003), and using IE7, just sit tight, relax, install Linux (I recomment Ubuntu), and wait for Google's OS and software to be available.

When 25% of your average user does this, it will cut off an equal amount of Microsoft's profits. When business users do this, Microsoft will fall on it's knees, begging for mercy. When everyone does this, Microsoft will be no more. Google will rule the world, and Google will "Do no evil" by absorbing the most evil companies of them all... They will buy Microsoft. Just you see, it will happen!

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