Friday, December 17, 2010

The Era of CCC Part 4: How it all comes together

I've been working from home without my 40 minutes of peace in the subway since my last post, which explains the delay - apologies if anyone was actually waiting for this!

Now that we have determined the 3 areas in which humanity could go forward in leaps and bounds in short order, how do we bring it all together? How can creativity, communication and collaboration live together in perfect harmony with us and for us?

The biggest hurdle in this is probably the need for people to remove themselves from money and personal gain, for creativity to be possible at a level I described in part 1. This would require a massive, rapid shift in our society, one that would revolutionize the way we think and act. But evolution has always been slow, using trial and error to improve upon itself, one small step at a time. Perhaps we'll find a way to make this shift in enough time for the general population to accept it, who knows? One thing for sure though, both collaboration and creativity must stem from the removal of personal monetary incentives. Perhaps, as I said, a form of evolved communism (neo-communism?) could be put in place differently than is Soviet Russia, or it's something else entirely that's necessary.

But even assuming that we simply did not have to work because the hardest menial jobs would be handled doesn't mean no one would have a job. There is always something to do in a world such as ourselves and whatever amount of automation exists, there will always be things to do. Politicians, even without the monetary greed, still lust for power so that wouldn't change. Automated systems need upgrading and repairing, research must be done to evolve the sciences, etc. Even if you have an automated farming system for your crops and some forms of food are automatic, nothing can truly replace the skilled hands of a chef preparing a meal in a restaurant. People get hurt, doctors are still needed to diagnose and treat them. Of course, humans are still prone to hurting each other so a police force is still necessary.

The difference would be that the greatest majority of people doing this work would be the ones that want to - that were happy to do it because it brought them the satisfaction and the recognition they wanted. I myself would most likely not stop writing, whether as a technical writer or as a science-fiction one (if I had the time, y'know?) and I'm sure a lot of people are just like me.

I'm not sure that I was really able to capture my vision in these 4 posts. I'm not even sure I really understand all of this stuff myself and perhaps I'm just a rambling fool. But if I made a few people think about it, if at least one person brought us one step closer to this reality, then I'll be happy. I know I didn't give anything concrete to make this future happen, but perhaps that will happen in the future if I finally start writing short sci-fi stories.

And as this blog's motto should be: not that anyone reads this anyway...

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