Monday, November 22, 2010

Taking a hint from the gaming industry

Are you listening, Universal Studios, Paramount and other bigwigs? 

Have you ever dreamed of being able to control the outcome of a movie? I mean, it's all fine and good that movies follow a script, but I've always wished that there was a little more replayability in motion pictures like there was in video games. The idea came up in a conversation with my sister Cassandra, and it goes like this. 

Each of the viewers in the theatre gets a little clicker with two buttons on them. At certain key points in the movie, a choice is presented to them: go left or right, fight or flight, wrong or right. The choice of the majority either way, or a tie, will give you 2 or 3 possible outcomes for that specific situation. Say you have 3 such choices, that gives you 9 different paths for the movie! Now imagine this is movie you'd want to see more than once anyway - wouldn't it make you want to see it until all the endings had been seen? But you don't choose the outcome, the majority does. So you may actually need to see the movie more than 9 times to get all the endings.

This not only bring value to a movie both in theaters and in a DVD release, it also generates increased business for the theaters themselves and the producers. Win-win situation, or gimmicky way of making more money? What do think?

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