Wednesday, November 17, 2010

RockMelt is smokin' hot!

What do most people do when they go on the internet and open their browser? That's right - jump on FaceBook, Twitter, their email, and their RSS Feeds. People are social creatures, and they really dig Social Media.

One group of people got that. I mean, besides Facebook. RockMelt is a brand new browser that's still in its early beta stages, but it really is smokin' hot. It integrates, out of the box, Facebook and Twitter, as well as RSS feeds, so that you are aware of what's happening in your world. What's cool is that it places everything on two vertical sidebars in the browser itself, which means it doesn't take up any toolbar space! For someone with a widescreen monitor at a crazy resolution, that's a god-sent since that space is generally taken by webpage's backgrounds or whitespace.

But how do you get RockMelt? Well, first you need to have a Facebook account. No Facebook, no RockMelt. Once you login to their website with Facebook, you are put in a queue to receive an invite. However, if you have a friend that already has RockMelt (like myself), they can see that you want it, and with a single button send you an invite to hook you up.

I don't know if it hit you like it did me... But using the most popular social media site to promote and share an exclusive beta for a browser that's basically Google Chrome on Social Media Steroids... That's pure genius. And a closed beta with limited invites is not a bad thing, it's yet more genius. Because if you control the flow of people getting into your software, you're building up the hype as well as making sure you don't get overwhelmed with bandwidth issues and bug reports.

My hat goes to you, RockMelt. I've been using your browser for just under 15 minutes, and you've already got me completely hooked. Well played my friends, well played.

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