Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yeah, it's just about time I settle down...

I did a little memory exercise last week, a few days before we finally moved to our new apartment in laval. I figured out that I had moved 22 times in the past (including a few months in British Columbia, some back & forth after house fires, and moving because of relationship changes), and that this last sunday was the 23rd move in my life.

I've had just about enough.

It's not that moving hasn't brought me anything. Indeed, I actually aquired great adaptability in my life from the simple fact that I was always moving once every 2-3 years and everything around me changed constantly. Today, whatever situation is thrown at me, I can usually react quickly and without skipping a beat. This is useful for work, as well as changing family situations (baby comin' up, the wedding, and all that jazz!), and I appreciate it.

But, and it's a big one, it also means my attachment to my surroundings sometimes leaves to be desired. Yesterday I could honestly say I already felt at home in my new apartment and the other one is but a dream of a time long past. And it's not just places, it's people also. I've known so many people in my life (like everyone I guess), but unlike most it's hard for me to stay in touch - even with my friends and family. I speak to my mother when she calls, barely see my aunts and uncles at family reunions (like christmas and easter), and the most contact I have with most of my friends is facebook - when they have it.

So, I think it's time this mentality changes. The first step is already taken - I'm married and have a kid on the way, so whatever happens my wife and daughter will always be a part of my life and neither will let me lose touch with them. The next step is, quite simply, to buy a house. My plan? Move #24 will be in a first house, just big enough for all three of us (and in a few years, a fourth) to live comfortably enough. Then, in maybe 10 years, move #25 will be a house that I plan to keep until my retirement.

I've also found my calling at work, being a technical writer is all the strong points of technical support and none of its weak points. I love writing, I love geeky stuff, so this is just what I needed. I don't plan to change any of this anytime soon.

So welcome to the new, stable, Solid Eric. :)


  1. Welcome stable Eric :)


  2. I will say just one thing... It's about damn time :P ! Nah... Just joking. I'm really happy that things are better for you, bro. Now, if only I could do the same for my own life :D .