Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Customers Suck Party!

Last saturday I was at Val's place with a few friends (Val, Akuma, Mitch & Eli) and with Tiff, after a nice plate of Ribs at Bar B Barns (great place, btw). The desert, a nice cake because it was Val's birthday, was eaten around the kitchen table, where conversation took a turn to our worst experiences with customers. Stupid, arrogant, annoying, you know, clients that you would like to stuff a sock in their mouth!

It was like a Customers Suck.com party... Too bad I wasn't able to record them all and post them on the website. I also mentionned a recording of a videotron client's conversation with a tech. I remember hearing about this before working at videotron, and I had the recording already on my computer, but hearing the story was as interesting as the actual recording.

The way things are set up at Videotron, is that when you are on the phone with a client, at any time you can decide to hit the "Emergency" button on the phone, and the rest of the call (or until you press the "Emergency" button again" is recorded. In the past, the server where the mp3s were put was unsecured, so anyone could decide to copy it, send it to themselves at home just to get a good laugh when they wanted.

One tech went a bit too far though. He took the mp3 and started sending it to his friends all over the internet, by email.. The recording soon propagated, and eventually it was traced back to the person that had recorded it, taken it from the server and sent online. That person was sanctionned, and from that day on, a password was put on the server to protect any further outbursts. To say this was a bump in Videotron's image is an understatement, and I was surprised to hear that they tech that did it was actually kept under Videotron's employement, though his identity was kept secret to all.

For the curious ones, here's the recording. It's a fine example of Quebec's wonderful blasphemous talk, very common in rural towns and in frustrated debates between folks here.

I think this recording is becoming pretty rare, possibly because Videotron hunts down it's copies and has them deleted. I'll take my chance though and will help people find it if they google the following terms (as the mp3 was known in the past):

Y flashe ton osti de modem
Y flashe ton crisse de modem
Y flashe ton estie de modem

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