Thursday, February 16, 2006

Switching to Google Mode.

Well since blogger is only in english, might as well use this language. Besides, most people I know understand English, and those who don't aren't regular readers. And this is my blog, so I don't care much for imposing limits to myself with language.

Why the switch to blogger? Well, the main reason is that since Google is going to rule the Internet eventually, I might as well switch to everything related to them at the same time. Google now owns the Internet world with their 2.5 gig Gmail service, lightning-fast and really simple Google Talk , and in the future will come up with about every single application you can think of.

I think of Google as the future, but not one that is dark and scary like one where Microsoft would rule. Google is powerful, but seemingly peaceful and good.. They try their best to provide free services whenever they can, and get their money from targeted ads (which are much more effective than random ads you see elsewhere), so they can continue to provide top of the line services everywhere.

And as for privacy, well... In my opinion, people who are really attached to privacy are those who are either guilty of something (what robber would trust google to store their bank heist plan, huh?) or just overly paranoid. Yes, my search history, chat history and Google Desktop files are on Google's server and can be retrieved by authorities with just a subpoena, but I have nothing to hide so for me, it's no big deal.

I'll do some google-related postings here also, if only to attract more visitors for other stuff :)

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  1. That whole privacy thing with google is a joke, really. If you really are that afraid that the government or anyone with similar juridiction would force google to reveal some information concerning you or your work, then you are either very paranoid, or have something HUGE to hide. That'd be like if you had information that would relate to, say 9/11, the night before the attack. This being said, if I was trying to get to some data that belongs to you, I would a) either hack your computer directly or b) try to get the information from something a little smaller than, say hmm... your ISP? Social engineering for the win. So now everyone is blaming google for something that really would only affect some people that would most likely be aware of the implications of google's 30 day grasp on their possibly sensitive information, while it is clear that google wouldn't be the weakest link most of the time.

    I'll keep using Google, GMail,, Google Desktop and Google Talk on my Windows computer, because it makes my life easier. For anything else, there's masterca.... err, Linux.

    Jonathan Henry