Friday, February 24, 2006

Google's new beta: Google Page Creator

It was only a matter of time for Google to offer a new beta service, and here it is: Google Page Creator. This is something I had already hoped google would come up with, and my wish has been answered with this new service.

Offering 100 megs of space and an easy WYSIWYG in a very easy administration, Pages is designed for the newbie in mind, those who have no knowledge of the web at all but still want a website for themselves. From information about your family to tips you learned to take care of your cats and dogs, pictures of your latest vacation or squarely a site about yourself, you'll be able to put anything you want on this service (as long as it doesn't go against Google's policy, like hacking, cracking, warez and pornography for example).

You'll need IE6 or Firefox 1.0 to use this service, and of course a google account (see my previous posts on how to get one). Pages you create will be spidered by Google Search within hours of publication, which is cool all by itself.

I, for one, will be watching my inbox like a hawk for the invitation email, and so should you! Head to Google Page Creator to signup!

UPDATE: I now have my own Google Page Creator account, and you can visit the website at . Signups for everyone should now be enabled, too.


  1. Is it just me or the font family/font size you used in this post is too small/unreadable? ^^'

    On to the main event, Google Pages got slashdotted a few days ago, I guess that would explain why they would close the signups. I heard from another blog that the markup their WYSIWYMGIYAL (What You See Is What You Might Get If You Are Lucky) generates is not very good by today's standards, I wonder if they'll improve this before it goes out of beta or if they really intend to use the deprecated font tag to style the text...

  2. I actually had posted that through email-post, and I guess outlook 2003 is as bad as Word for HTML. That is, it's crap. I'll post in text-mode only and edit later next time :P